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Unit 13, 150 Cavendish Road, Redwood, Christchurch, New Zealand

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what do we do...

miHAUS tiny homes are supplied with their own registered and warranted trailer and towed on the road - these are not shipped on a low load transporter

miHAUS tiny homes are built to the legal NZTA regulations 

Our homes are built, using quality materials, as close as practicably possible to the NZ Building Code by LBP Builders and qualified tradespeople

miHAUS tiny homes are regularly delivered to locations all over New Zealand. 

Our preferred transport company has delivered our tiny homes between Bay of Islands (North Island) and Invercargill (South Island)

miHAUS tiny homes can be craned onto challenging sites

tiny homes on wheels

The team @miHAUS have in-depth expertise and knowledge of tiny homes and if you would like us to develop a design based on your specifications, budget and site orientation or 'tweak' an existing plan we work with your ideas to develop and create a home that suits your lifestyle and is uniquely yours.

We have incorporated:

  • skylights

  • bar/fold down tables

  • furniture & ladders

  • innovative storage (internal and external)

  • pet doors

  • wood burners

  • recessed califonts

  • extra insulation

  • thermally broken windows 

  • stained glass windows

  • steps/decking and outdoor living solutions

  • macerating, composting, standard flush toilets

  • baths, shubs

  • wood burners, heat pumps, infra-red panels, ceiling fans

custom design

We make the process as simple as possible with systems in place to enable us to capture your individual requirements. 

Stage 1:  Make an appointment to visit and view our work in progress - you will be impressed by our quality and advice!   

Stage 2:  If you have a specific plan or idea in mind that we haven't built previously we can work to this and draw up concept plans - a design fee is applicable depending on the complexity of the specification.


Stage 3:  When you are happy with the concept plans this enables us to then provide pricing and detailed specifications.  Because we do not have to outsource major components pricing can be calculated promptly. 

Stage 4:  Once you are happy with proceeding to the next stage miHAUS will provide the following:

a full set of design drawings

a build contract

Stage 5:  Upon acceptance of the Build Contract there is a small deposit payable with a further 5 progress payment instalments at various stages of the build.  We regularly keep you informed as the build progresses with updates and we welcome you to visit to view your project.

Stage 6:  Final Inspection and delivery

design process

All completed builds are accompanied by supporting documentation including:

  • warranties

  • Electrical certification

  • Plumbing and Gas sign off by our certified tradespeople

  • WOF

  • Trailer registration

  • miHAUS Handbook

compliance docs

If you prefer to have a tiny house built onto foundations or piles contact us to discuss this further

The 10sqm miPOD studio / sleepout can easily be located onto almost any site without requiring a building consent  (subject to Local Authority regulations)

tiny on foundations