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container houses...

approx 65sqm

single level

Sleeps up to 4

from 189,000

miHAUS create stunning living spaces with the beauty being in the raw ‘industrial’ elements.


This 60sqm, 2 bedroom miHAUS container dwelling was built with two 12.0m containers and two additional ‘pop outs‘ providing additional space to the lounge and bedroom.


miHAUS container modules combined with tiny building elements have many uses, such as: a dwelling, boutique shop, office, cafe, salon, or storage.

Modules range in size from 3.0m, 6.0m and 12.0

Simple, minimal, stackable and transportable are some of the reasons why you would choose a container home build.  

modular buildings...

from 2,000/sqm

Modular building with miHAUS is the smart way to build your unique home.

We build bespoke 1-4 bedroom homes commencing with concepts and plans that are generated by miHAUS or your architect.

Our efficient CNC methods of construction allow us to build more in our factory and less on site = savings to you.

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