Design & Marketing

Ken has considerable expertise with metal and timber. Ken has a passion for small eco spaces and the benefits of eco-friendly living. 

He loves designing new and inspiring concepts.

Kens longstanding business experience has gained him a wealth of knowledge in fields of design, engineering, manufacturing, building, marketing and franchising.


Builder & Draftsman

Charles is our onsite LBP (Licensed Builder) and has first hand experience living in a small container house, designed and built to maximise space and minimise the impact on the environment.  Charles is very particular about getting even the little things perfect and ensures other members of his team pay attention to detail.

Charles is our leading designer, expert in providing detailed 3D concepts and design drawings of our tiny homes.


Sales, Design & Project Management

Karen has considerable experience in a multitude of areas, from Finance, Admin, Project Management, Manufacturing, Franchising, to Importing & Exporting.  Also  expertise in liaising with various stakeholders, particularly Local Authorities relating to property matters and infrastructure.

Karen will work closely with you to design both the interior and exterior to ensure that your expectations are well and truly met.



Our highly valued team of dedicated craftsmen.  Trained to ensure that even the smallest detail is important.

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our valuable certified tradespeople

Electrician, Plumber, Gas Fitter, Painters & Suppliers form a big part of our business