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our technology

miHAUS have invested in key IP & specialised technology which sets us apart, providing complete design flexibility to meet our client's specific requirements.

We have our own steel roll forming machine and one of the latest computerised CNC joinery routers accompanied by other specialised cabinetry machinery to enable us to custom build kitchens in-house. 

Every project is designed in detail to client's specifications and sent direct to the machines in the factory.

The miHAUS team are driven by years of expertise in design and engineering to deliver modern sustainable homes in the most economical and efficient way to ensure that we consistently meet our client's expectations.

Due to the level of detail required in the kitchens, stairs and storage options, miHAUS have the ability to accurately design, manufacture and install high end joinery including benchtops, bathroom vanity units, ladders, cube shelving, wardrobes ...

We work with a number of established suppliers to ensure that you receive a quality build.  This encompasses all aspects of our builds from the steel for the framing, aluminium joinery, coloursteel, wrap, insulation, tradespeople and cabinetry/joinery manufacturers - this includes Plank & Co Limited :

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